Changing the Future of Allogenic Engineered T-cell Therapy

Through its groundbreaking ProTcell™ platform, Smart Immune has developed clinical stage T-cell progenitor-based cell and gene therapy to rapidly and fully reset patients’ immune systems to fight cancers and infections.

With ProTcell™, Smart Immune has developed a groundbreaking clinical stage T-cell progenitor-based platform to rapidly and fully reset the patients’ T-cell compartment in order to fight blood cancers and severe infections.

Our ProTcell™ therapy shifts the risk: benefit ratio of allogenic T-cell medicine; significantly reducing adverse events observed in current allogenic practice, thus addressing a large unmet therapeutical need in patients.

Bringing allo HSC curative power to patients in life threatening conditions without inducing adverse events

T Cell Progenitors: a new generation of allogenic T cell medicine enabling a reset of T cell immune system to fight cancers and infections

A rapid efficiency without inducing adverse events to improve significantly life expectancy and quality

Partnership set to develop fully-automated , miniaturized cell-culture bioreactors to produce HSC-derived cell-culture products at scale