About Us

A team dedicated to bring the best of allogenic T Cell medicine in a safe, accessible and affordable way

At Smart Immune, scientists and clinicians foster sharp understanding of T cell differentiation and an outstanding, 25-year experience in Hematopoeitic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT). Smart Immune provides a pioneering  biomimetic solution to ensure fast and fully functional recovery of a polyclonal T cell compartment within the first three months post-transplant, instead of the 12 months usually expected in human physiology.

Dr Karine Rossignol
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Karine has more than 25 years’ management experience in both industry and biomedical research institutes. She was CEO of the French Foundation for Hearing for 3 years and was co-secretary general of the Imagine Institute for Genetic Diseases for 10 years, where she structured, developed, and ensured raising funds for the institute. As a doctor of Pharmacy and a HEC Business School graduate, she brings an extented managing experience in both the public and the private sectors. She has 12-year international experience in international marketing in LVMH, L’Oreal, and Chanel.

Pr Marina Cavazzana
Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder

Marina is an internationally recognized pioneer in cell and gene therapy (+300 articles), a Member of the American Medical Academy, and recipient of the Beutler ASH award, the Prix Irene Joliot Curie, and Grand prix de l’Académie de Médicine. She directs the Biotherapy Clinical Investigation Center and the Biotherapy Department and she is Head of the Gene Therapy clinical department at Necker Children’s Hospital, Paris, France. Marina leads the clinical strategy and clinical road map of Smart Immune.

Dr Isabelle André
Scientific Strategy Special Advisor & Co-Founder

Isabelle is internationally recognized for her work on immunodeficiency (over 70 articles) and T-cell differentiation. She heads the INSERM Human team working on human lympho-hematopoiesis at the Imagine Institute for genetic diseases, Necker Enfants Malades hospital Campus, Paris. Dr André has extensive experience with T-cell biology and differentiation and is the inventor of the ex vivo thymus approach so called “thymus in a dish” proprietary technology developed by Smart Immune, conducting all pre-clinical studies and associated technological innovations.

Dr Olivier Negre
Chief Scientific Officer

Olivier earned an engineering degree in biotechnology from ENSTBB and a PhD in cell and molecular biology from Paris Diderot University. He has been working for more than 20 years in the field of biotherapies including the production of recombinant proteins with BioProtein Technologies and gene therapy programs at bluebird bio both in France and in the USA. Olivier is board member of the French Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, co-president of the think tank Gene & Cell Therapy Institute, co-founder of Biotherapy Partners and currently VP, head of R&D at Smart Immune.

Dr Emmanuel Galene
Acting Head of CMC

Emmanuel has over 20 years experience in bio-production and quality assurance. He was previously Head of Quality Assurance Operations, Chemistry & Biotech at Sanofi- Genzyme, Head of Clinical Gene Therapy production at Genethon, Manufacturing Manager at LFB, and Expert for QA operations at Pfizer. He holds a PharmD from Universite de Paris (Paris Descartes).

Board of Directors

Sebastian Lombardo
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Chairman and CEO of Valtech

Sebastian has extensive and successful experience in creating, investing in, and managing several companies in the Digital and Technology Industry. He is currently Chairman and CEO of Valtech, and has a personal interest in immunology.

Dominique Constantini
Independent member
President and CEO of Ose Therapeutics

Dominique is an immunologist MD with more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She has accompanied many therapeutic innovations internationally in the field of oncology. She founded BioAlliance Pharma and led the IPO of the company on Euronext. Currently, she is the president and CEO of OSE Therapeutics.

Fouzia Lagrisshi-Thodes
Independant member
Chief Executive Officer, DalCor Pharmaceuticals

Fouzia is board certified in Psychiatry and holds Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Tours School of Medicine in France. She is currently Chief Executive Officer of DalCor Pharmaceuticals. In her previous roles she led the global product and portfolio strategy of the cardiovascular, metabolism and renal therapeutic areas at AstraZeneca and Roche. She has more than 20 years of pharmaceutical industry leadership experience in US and Europe through working in clinical development, global strategic marketing, business development, licensing and M&A.

Scientific Advisory Board

Eliane Gluckman
Saint Louis Hospital, Paris

Eliane Gluckman, MD, is internationally recognised for her longstanding contributions to the advances in Bone Marrow and Cord Blood transplantation, several times awarded in this field. Pr. Gluckman is a founding member and former president of the European Group for Bone Marrow Transplantation. She is the founder and current president of EUROCORD.

Vanderson Rocha
Oxford Churchill Hospital, Sírio Libanês Hospital, São Paulo

Vanderson Rocha is the Director of the Hematology, Hemotherapy and Cell Therapy Service of the ICHC Medical Clinic Division I and Medical Coordinator of the Hematologic Diseases and Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit of the Sírio Libanês Hospital. Abroad he teaches hematology at Churchill Hospital – Oxford University Hospitals – NHS Trust (UK). He is Chairman of the Pró-Sangue Foundation.

James Di Santo
Pasteur Institute, Paris

James Di Santo received a MD/PhD from Cornell University Medical College and the Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center. He directed the Immunology Department of Pasteur Institute from 2002 to 2006. His research interests include defining the role of cytokines in lymphoid development and understanding the differentiation of natural killer cells and other innate lymphoid cells.

Marcel R.M. van den Brink, MD, PhD
Immuno Hematology
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York

Head of the Division of Hematologic Malignances and Alan N. Houghton Chair at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, Marcel studies the immunology of bone marrow transplantation with a particular focus on intestinal microbiome and strategies to enhance thymus and immune reconstitution. He holds a joint appointment in the Immunology and Transplantation Program of the Sloan Kettering Institute and is the Co-Director of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy at MSKCC. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of DKMS, an international nonprofit organization devoted to bone marrow donor registration

Smart Immune T cell Progenitors breakthrough: reducing infections and GVHD post transplant while curing the underlying disease

Smart Immune is a clinical-stage biotherapeutics company focused on saving and improving lives by delivering to patients a new generation of T cell medicine: the T Cell Progenitors or ProTcell . Rapidly educated in the thymus to kill virus and cancer cells once infused, those pioneering ProTcell enable a rapid, multipotent and safe immune recovery post transplant, changing life expectancy for thousand of patients.

Its disruptive and proprietary ex vivo thymus technology can differentiate hematopoietic stem cell into T Cell progenitors in 7 days instead of the usual 12 months expected in human physiology with a 20/50 expansion rate. By ensuring a full and fast polyclonal immune recovery post transplant, Smart Immune can change prognosis for life-threatening conditions. This patented technology is applicable to all cell and gene therapies involving T cells.

Smart Immune is developing a diversified portfolio of novel treatments, which exhibits best-in-class results for fast and fully functional immune recovery within 3 months post-transplant. With two programs already in clinical stage for bubble  babies in Necker Enfants Malades, and  High risk adult AML Europe and a trial for high risk leukemia Leukemia ready to recruit at the automn 2021 , Smart Immune focus on getting a clinical validation of the the curative power of its ProTcell platform as early as 2024. A program dedicated to milli-fluidic automation has been integrated early on in the operational Road Map in order to  enable scale up and out of HSC-derived cell bioproduction.

With its headquarters in Paris, Smart Immune Research is hosted at Paris Biotech Santé and capitalise on GMP production facilities of Necker Children’s Hospital to pursue process development and production scale up, in support of the clinical development of its ProTcell platform.