ProTcell™ Platform

Through its groundbreaking ProTcell™ platform, Smart Immune has developed clinical stage T-cell progenitor-based cell and gene therapy to rapidly and fully reset patients’ immune systems to fight cancers and infections.

Smart Immune has replicated a human thymus ex-vivo using its knowledge of CD34+ T cell differentiation
A thymus-homing capability of unique T-cell progenitors (CD7+ CD34-) so called ProTcell™ at the earliest point of lineage commitment
The ability to culture and expand such short-lived, fragile, unique T-cells populations in GMP conditions, using proprietary Notch ligand SIFP3

A 7 day ‘thymus-in-a-dish’ process…instead of the 12 months needed in human physiology

ProTcell™: A Rapid and Full Reset of Patients’ Immune Systems
Towards immune recovery in 3 months

When infused, ProTcell™ migrate to the patient’s thymus where they expand, are selected and differentiated resulting in fully functional T-cells, tolerant to patient’s own immune system and reactive to viral, fungal, and malignant antigens

ProTcell™ Cell & Gene Therapy: Accelerated Critical Immune Recovery
Changing life quality and expectancy for immuno-compromised patients